The Hydra Bagger features 3 bags which hold a total of 7.5 bushels. Compared to other systems which require an auxiliary engine to create a vacuum, the Hydra Bagger utilizes the Ingersoll tractor's hydraulic system, for fast, efficient, and quiet material pick-up.


The 41" tiller is the most versatile tiller you'll ever use. Because it's hydraulically driven, reversing tine direction is as simple as putting the PTO lever in reverse. The tiller can be centered or offset 3" to the left, allowing tilling along tight edges. A 9" section can be removed for narrower applications. Full down pressure helps to keep the tines in the ground and the hydraulic couplings act as natural shock absorbers. An optional flow control valve is recommended for creeping the tractor speed when tilling is hard or unplowed soil conditions exist.


The 17.6 bushel Hrydra Vac picks up and collects a variety of materials. Quiet and efficient, the Hydra Vac is hydraulically driven, which eliminates the need for an external engine source. By ingeniously using the dump cart as the collection device, the Hydra Vac becomes a multi-purpose and cost effective yard clean-up machine.

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