Ingersoll's patented 38" Sweeper is unquestionably the finest sweeper in the industry. Dual-brush sweeping action combined with a rear wheel design and a patented ratchet gear ensures that all clippings are quickly and cleanly picked up. A big 11 bushel capacity minimizes dumping time. The removable hopper folds flat for convenient off-season storage.

Dump Cart

The 1,000 lb. capacity dump cart holds up to 8 cubic feet. The tailgate is removable and a spring-loaded trip latch can be released from the tractor seat for easy dumping. Complete dumping of the cart is provided by Ingersoll's unique 180 degree pivoting dump box.

Wood Splitter

The dual action hydraulic splitter features a 6" moving wedge that splits logs on both the outward and return strokes. With splitting forces of 12 tons (outward stroke) and 10 tons (return stroke) and a 25" splitting width, cords of wood can be split quickly and easily. The splitter plugs into the tractor's rear hydraulic PTO valve without requiring any separate power source. For added convenience, the splitter is trailer mounted for ease of towing and there are even work tables to hold split logs.

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